Slave to the internet..

27th September 2016 - Chromebooks.. Are they a useful tool..?
Slave to the internet..

I am starting to realise the importance of the Internet and the world in which we are going to be living. Fully connected, everything online, no need for local storage and a thirst for connectivity anywhere we can get it.

To ensure that I have a constant internet connection, I always carry my phone, and tablet which both have 4g connections availble to them with a couple of Gb of data available for emergencies.  Rarely do I need to download documents as I am getting used to making items available offline if I know I am going to be working in an area without wifi, or attending a meeting where I need to take notes, although I am getting to know the people in my local coffee shops and local gym bar where there is a good free wifi connection rather well.

One massive benefit that I have found with the Chromebook over the Windows machines of a similar price is the battery life and the speed in which I can get things done.  All of the tools I need are to hand, and open quickly ready to work.  The boot up time of under 20 seconds from opening the lid to back where I was working previously is also a feature that I now find myself wishing my far higher specification Windows machine could do with.