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So many ideas, so little time
So many ideas, so little time
Microsoft Updates – What a pain in the CPU
Microsoft updates.. Nope.. nothing good to say here.. They have to be done, they happen always at the wrong time, and we need them…. They drive end [...]
Educating Chromebooks
So..  now for the thought on my original idea behind getting a Chromebook, would this be a suitable tool for education? I can see the benefits of using a [...]
Time for a clear out…
After upgrading to Windows 10 & Office 2016 across the site, it was time to clear out some of the old Win7 & O13 policies.
Chrome is the new black
After working on a Chromebook for a few months, I have found it to be a very useful tool.  The long battery life is still a point that I marvel at… [...]
Which key do you use?  MAK or KMS? Well make sure you make the choice early, it can be a big headache if you use the wrong one to start with. When setting [...]
Oh… you have that version of Windows 10…
Last version.. yeah right… When you are thinking of deploying Windows 10, which version should you choose? 1511, 1604, 1607, Enterprise, Pro, LTSB [...]
Multi-skilled.. Which hat to wear today?
With the world of IT changing at an ever increasing rate, more and more is being expected of an IT manager within education.  Gone are the days that you [...]
Moodle. . More than just a VLE
You can use Moodle as a central hub for information within your school.
Laptops – BYOD
Should you save money by getting students to bring their own?
Mobile Devices- BYOMD
Mobile phones, are they a pain or the perfect solution. Training students to use their devices responsibly, and get the most from technology Changing views [...]
Windows 10
Windows 10
Student Laptops
Lenovo 11e Specifically engineered with students and educators in mind, the durable 11.6” ThinkPad 11e is tough enough for the classroom and designed to [...]
Identifying a need for training.
Test. Yes, test your staff, don’t assume they know how to do things, or that they would never know or understand that new Microsoft product. Setup a [...]
Interactive Flat Panel Displays
Interactive screens are nothing new in schools they have been around for many years now, but are staff up for the change? When teachers changed from Chalk [...]
Student Policy List
Here are a list of the typical gpo settings used in a student ou and why I chose to use them. Redirected Desktop
Windows 10. . Student Deployment
70 Lenovo 11e laptops, Windows 10 (1511)
Locking Down or Open Up
By the very ability of Group Policy Management you can very easily become a network manager from hell, by locking down the system so that it in deed is [...]
Educational IT, a journey of self discovery.
Unlike in other sectors where you are sent on courses, attend training events, within education you have to educate yourself. For some this sounds like a [...]
Slave to the internet..
I am starting to realise the importance of the Internet and the world in which we are going to be living. Fully connected, everything online, no need for [...]
Chromebook, first thoughts.
Well…  I have un-boxed the 14″ Acer Chrombook.  After having a lifetime of using Windows with everything installed and able to work locally, I [...]