30th November 2016 - Windows 10.. The last Windows version you will ever learn.

Which key do you use?  MAK or KMS?

Well make sure you make the choice early, it can be a big headache if you use the wrong one to start with.

When setting up our SCCM2012R2 server, we started off by using MAK licensed software to try and negate the need for a KMS server.  Only to realise after starting to image machines that we were rapidly going to run out of MAK codes, and the ongoing admin of this would be a bit of a pain.

So.. we will change over to KMS, sounds easy enough…

Well, not any more..

Different versions of Office, so will now need to redeploy new versions of Office, and Windows 10 will not register its license without a KMS.. Well… I am now registering Windows 10, and O16 licenses without a KMS.. because I am using ADMT.. how it works is still a bit of a mystery, but it works… after a few updates, and hair pulling moments..