Interactive Flat Panel Displays

28th September 2016 - New technologies.. An ever changing classroom.
Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Interactive screens are nothing new in schools they have been around for many years now, but are staff up for the change?

When teachers changed from Chalk boards to dry wipe white boards there were still those who longed for the return of the chalk board, when interactive screens came in people complained about the need for calibration and the fact that it was different and they now have to learn a new program to use the board.

Teachers have now spend 15+ years learning how to use boards such as Promethean, and Smart, and now there is a new product coming to the market.  The interactive flat panel display is rapidly replacing the old projector based systems and with them comes new software to learn, and new methods of working.

This is where some careful planning comes in, and also some staff re-training.

Typically all interactive flat panel displays are almost identical with manufacturers sharing screens and simply changing the surrounds, the software is where the difference lies, although in my view this is probably the least important factor.

When training staff to use the new boards it is important to consider the transfer of resources to different types of screen.  When implementing Prowise boards the majority of the teaching staff that I spoke to were fed up with the old Promethean boards constantly requiring calibration, or having hard to read displays to due to aging projectors.  There were still a few however that had been using Promethean boards throughout their teaching career and therefore had all of their resources saved in Activboard software which is not compatible with anything other than a Promethean board.

This is why I train staff to create as generic resources as possible, and not use the specialist tools of the board software where possible, allowing them to take their resources with them to other schools should they move on in the future.