Educational IT, a journey of self discovery.

27th September 2016 - Educational IT, a unique environment.
Educational IT, a journey of self discovery.

Unlike in other sectors where you are sent on courses, attend training events, within education you have to educate yourself. For some this sounds like a terrible way of working, but for others like myself, not having to spend hours in classrooms learning new systems every five minutes and having the freedom to educate yourself in areas that interest you.

When you first start out working within educational IT you are looking to make a big difference, and offer to assist with everything without thinking of the underlying impact.  You soon learn that IT networks are not the only thing you have an influence over when working in IT.

A simple change to the network configuration such as changing the password policy will soon spark off an internal battle between what the system “has always done” and what you are trying to achieve.  If you are lucky enough to inherit a basic network, which has been stable and ticking over for some years, you will soon start to make big enough changes that will affect users and will then come up against, the question of “why can’t you leave it the way it was?” or statements such as “that’s how we have always done it here.”. Don’t be perturbed by these comments, you simply have to ensure that you have the SLT support with the road map of changes that you are going to be implementing and ensure that staff can see that you are positive about the changes and the positive affects they are going to have on their working life.