Educating Chromebooks

17th March 2017 - Chromebooks.. Are they a useful tool..?
Educating Chromebooks

So..  now for the thought on my original idea behind getting a Chromebook, would this be a suitable tool for education?

I can see the benefits of using a chromebook within education, but there are quite a few hurdles that you would have to overcome in order for them to become a full time item that the students would be able to use, and even more before you could scrap the expensive Microsoft Server licensing, and thirst for hardware.

In this post I will bullet point some of the key drawbacks of using these devices that I can see at this time for use by a student.

Graphics editing.

One of the hardest things that I have had to do is edit a graphic using a Chromebook, usually on a Windows machine it would take me a matter of seconds to put together a selection of images, cut them out, and then lay them out on a design.  Not with a Chromebook, maybe this will come with time and a bit more research, but currently transferring images onto a web based tool, editing it, then saving it back to your Google Drive, then re-uploading it to another website to build your finished item seems a little long winded and from my experience of working with students this would not be a suitable option.


Currently our DT department have a long standing relationship with the software they use, 2D design has been a staple of the secondary school for at least the past 15 years and will be one of the more difficult applications to replace.

The online offering by Libre is similar, but will it be enough to connect to the machines around the department and turn out the same work that they currently produce?  Only one way to find out..



Knowledge of Windows.

Unless you are lucky enough to work for a new company who is happy to adopt GoogleDocs as their preferred platform, and rely on web applications to support their business you will more than likely end up working on a Windows machine at some point in your life.  Therefore it is still important that you get used to the way of working with Microsoft applications (although these are heading ever more towards “The Cloud” and in the future, I can see MS applications including Windows to some extent, becoming service based rather than install application based as it is in its current format.