Windows 10.. The last Windows version you will ever learn.

Microsoft Updates – What a pain in the CPU
Microsoft updates.. Nope.. nothing good to say here.. They have to be done, they happen always at the wrong time, and we need them…. They drive end [...]
Which key do you use?  MAK or KMS? Well make sure you make the choice early, it can be a big headache if you use the wrong one to start with. When setting [...]
Oh… you have that version of Windows 10…
Last version.. yeah right… When you are thinking of deploying Windows 10, which version should you choose? 1511, 1604, 1607, Enterprise, Pro, LTSB [...]
Student Policy List
Here are a list of the typical gpo settings used in a student ou and why I chose to use them. Redirected Desktop
Windows 10. . Student Deployment
70 Lenovo 11e laptops, Windows 10 (1511)